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Most Affordable Option for Cremation


Justifiable Cremation provides specialized end of life services for families who need or prefer only a basic, dignified cremation. 

We provide a cremation without any ceremony or gathering beforehand. We guarantee that we can provide the most affordable after-life alternative.

What is Included

  • Basic ID is done at the place of passing. Complete documentation is signed there, saving costs that are typically incurred for preparation, embalming and disinfection.
  • Once the documentation and signatures are in order, your loved one is cremated.
  • An alkaline Hydrolysis cremation process (Aquamation) is used to spare the expense of a cremation container or casket. Many families appreciate this greener method of cremation.
  • A simple box is provided to contain the ashes. Our staff can also show you our affordable urn options if that is your preference. You are also welcome to provide your own urn or containment vessel.

What is Not Included

  • Does not include a formal funeral or memorial ceremony.
  • Does not include post-cremation memorial events. Of course, you can organize and host your own memorial event or wake.
  • Does not include viewings, visitations or facilities for gatherings.

Celebration of Life Services

We do believe there is value in having a Celebration of Life, Memorial Service or Memorial Mass as cremation is only part of a family’s journey through grief. We would like to suggest a couple of options:

  • You can organize your own ceremony using your home, community facilities or churches.
  • We can work with you and our associated full -service partner, Gray’s Funeral Chapel, to arrange and organize a formal service. More information about our partner is available at www.grays.ca.

“The Song is Ended, But the Melody Lingers On…”

~ Irving Berlin

About Us

The Gray family of Prince Albert has been helping families through tough times since 1993. Justifiable Cremation is locally and family owned. Owner Drew Gray is the third generation of his family to operate a business in P.A. 

Drew has developed a reputation for offering the widest range of cost options for end of life services through Justifiable Cremation’s partner, Gray’s Funeral Chapel. He believes that, by keeping families from overspending, he is serving his community effectively and creating long term relationships with clients. Now he can further extend those options through Justifiable Cremation’s unique offerings.

Drew Gray

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